2-Axis Scan Heads

2-Axis optical scan heads consists of X and Y galvo scanners, driver boards, XY mount, dust proof housing, positioning plate for installation, 25-pin connector, and 3-pin power supply connector. Each part of the scan head has been precisely designed and repeatedly confirmed to secure that our 2-Axis optical scan heads perform at extremely high accuracy, low drift for a variety of different input apertures at various wavelengths. They are ideal solutions for applications that requires high accuracy and extremely low drift. Typical applications include: additive manufacturing (3D printing), welding, scribing and micro structuring, etc.

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Dynamic Focusing Module

Multiple PSI patented technologies being applied, DFM19 is designed for dynamic focusing and 3D marking. It represents the smallest and most compact dynamic module in the industry, with outstanding features including fairly long lens travel distance(±4.5mm), fast speed, high resolution and zero drift. DFM19 offers ideal solutions for high accuracy applications, such as additive manufacturing (3D printing), laser welding and laser 3D engraving etc.

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F-theta objectives with optimized mounts are available for all typical laser types and working fields.

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