XY Modules

XY modules consists of X and Y galvo scanners, driver boards and a XY mount. Each part carries one or more patented designs to secure that our XY moudles perform at extremely high accuracy, low drift for a variety of different input apertures at various wavelengths. They are ideal solutions for applications that requires high accuracy and extremely low drift. Typical applications include: additive manufacturing (3D printing), welding, scribing and micro structuring, etc.

Specifications PSH20 PSH30
Tracking Error0.28ms0.45ms
Step Response time (1% of full scale)≤0.6ms≤0.9
Typical Speed
Positioning speed (1)
Writing Speed (1) (2)
Good writing quality
High writing quality

10 m/s

470 cps
400 cps


260 cps
180 cps
Effective Scan Angle (3)±10 °±10 °
Signal InterfaceAnalog: ±10 V
Digital: XY2-100 protocol
Analog: ±10 V
Digital: XY2-100 protocol
Linearity99.8 %99.8 %
Zero Drift<2 μRad/℃<2 μRad/℃
Repeatability<2 μRad<2 μRad
Resolution<1 μRad<1 μRad
Long Time Drift (Over 8 Hours)<20 μRad<20 μRad
Operating Temperature Range0-50 ℃0-50 ℃
Input Voltage Requirement(DC)±15V @ 4A Max RMS±15V @ 4A Max RMS

(1) All angles are in mechanical degrees.
(2) With F-Theta objective f = 163mm. Speed value varies correspondingly with different focal lengths.
(3) Single-stroke font with 1 mm height.